Who We Are

For five generations, Birdsong Peanuts has delivered naturally nutritious peanuts to manufacturers around the corner and around the world. Peanuts are our only business so everything we have rests on our ability to serve our customers well.

Taking one of nature’s agricultural treasures, we shell it and provide it to food manufacturers who create a multitude of food products—peanut butter, trail mix, snack peanuts, candy, and countless other items.

We are peanuts. It’s that simple.

Following the advice of Mark Twain – “Put all of your eggs in one basket–and watch that basket!” – we hold a singular focus at Birdsong. While we may use custom bags instead of baskets, you can count on our commitment to peanuts and peanuts only. From planting to harvesting to shelling and shipping, we closely monitor every peanut’s journey to make sure that only those of the highest quality are shipped to our customers.

In 2014, Birdsong celebrated our 100th Anniversary. We look forward to many more years of bringing nature and nutrition together.